Artist Statement

David Wellie Sutton                                           January 13, 2015

WARNING!  My Kimbo said, "One may need scaffolding to get through this - boots aren't high enough!"

I am an outsider Artist.  Even though I sign my paintings, "Suto," pronounced "pseudo," I am an artist.  I would say outsider, with-the-internet.  Some words that may apply to my paintings are:  gestural, action painting, raw, gestural calligraphy-like, automatism, gestural expressionism, spiritual, informal, chaos, childish, brut, reaction to gestural abstraction, colorful, symbolisms, stories, energy, emotional, folk, gutai.  But I would say, "now I don't know about that."  Some of my words that may help describe my painting process sometime or other but not always are:  no expectations, no off limits, surrender and trust, abstraction reaction-interaction, childlike, feel it, intuitive, allow, dance, run, colors, fly, fall, chance, aleatoric chance@1.62, outside influences, subconscious, sensual, contemplative, what, wow, whoa, vision, sense, spoons, fractal motions, and expectations.  I am just playing and having fun and God has a bigger sense of humor than I thought.

 My mark making is a record of the journey of a self learning, mostly gestural, abstract, action painter seeking and finding stories relevant to his experience and vision.


A slapper and a scrapper and a lover of the dance...

Or maybe

I'm just

painting a picture 

with words

for spiders


they will take me deep into their web.

Outsider​ Abstract Paintings